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Hispanics Online: Demographics and Media Usage

By Lisa E. Phillips
May 2010
24 Pages, 54 Charts

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Hispanics Online:
Demographics and Media Usage


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The Internet is a mainstream medium among US Hispanics. In 2010, 29.6 million Hispanics will go online at least once a month. By 2014, 39.2 million Hispanics will be online, representing 70% of this population.

This online population is young and thriving. The majority are native born and speak—and read—English proficiently. Yet, even as second- and third-generation citizens, they still identify with their parents’ native country. They frequently use social media, message boards and sports sites. They check advertisers’ Spanish-language sites—and find many of them wanting.

For some marketers, this seems like a minefield best left untouched. But Hispanic consumers are projected to wield $1.33 trillion in spending power in 2014, according to the Selig Center for Economic Growth at the University of Georgia. And this market actually increased its spending by 6.4% between 2005 and 2008, according to the Latinum Network.

Data shows that the Hispanic market is more receptive to online advertising than non-Hispanics. Marketers must move beyond their perceived language barrier and commit to reaching a market that is already a majority-minority community.

US Hispanic Internet Users and Penetration , 2009-2014 (millions and % of Hispanic population)

Key questions this report answers:

  • How large is the Hispanic population online?
  • How do they access the Internet?
  • Which language do Hispanics prefer to use online?
  • How can marketers engage Hispanic Internet users?
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