SPOTTY NEEDS! Please Read! Please help. It only takes #ONE

Saturday, April 11, 2009


I just learned on the 1st of this month that I have to move out of my apartment by next Wednesday. I hate moving.

What I hate more is that I am allowed my kitty cat named, “Spot” cannot come with me. Please help me find a good home for Spotty.

Spotty has been primarily an indoor cat for the last 5 1/2 years that she has been with me. I am quite sure she would adjust well in any probably enjoy playing in the outdoors. She likes to sit on the porch in the sun and take in the fresh air.

She is almost 6 years old, spayed, and really needs a good home where she can play and have fun! She is very active, but also very affectionate. She had all her shots but may need a booster sometime soon, but she has no pet insurance 😦

Spotty is a very kool kat. She is also very pc… neither black nor white, she is simply Spot.

When you are working too long or too late, she will let you know you need a break by curling up on the power cord right next to your pc. She loves chasing mice when she really wants attention or wants to play.

Please help me find a good home for Spotty. She deserves at least that much, and I simply do not have what she needs.

Please Save Spotty! Spotty saved me.

After 1 year and 6 very long month Spotty and I have a quiet place we call “home.”

We have no TV, no bed, no sofa for her to crawl under but we do have each other.

It was not easy and the memories of nights spent in the heat, the floods, and te tears haunt me every single day. I will never forget or recover from the events leading up to the event… and worse… the months that followed.

The months of silence where everyone I knew looked the other way.

I saw post on my wall… asking me distribute campaign posters I see my nae listed on the Mayors Committiee of Exemplary Educators who “support” his initiatives.

I receive daily emails from people seeking my help for this, that, or the other. $10 here, $25 there, write a letter, call Congress, work the phone bank… I do work the phone bank… from home.. I work the internet… I work the Twitter… I do it for free and for those who are unable to get their voices or their message to the public. People in need of housing, food, emergency services… people who need an empathetic ear and the voice of experience.

Yes, I work. I do not get paid, in fact it cost me quite a bit to maintain the ability to reach out to the public to raise awareness. 1/3 of my monthly income is spent on my BlackBerry mobile tweet machine, blogging device, and a “slowband” connection that either wors o it doesn’t… i just keep trying.. baby steps.

TODAY! Spotty #needs Advantage Multi for felines 9-18lbs. It is available at Value Vet or any number of places. The cost is $113.25 for a 6 month supply to treat fleas, heartworm, earmites, and intestinal parasites. Spotty is alergic to many pet meds, through trial and error I have learned that product keeps her safe and gives peace of mind. She can’t ask for help… no one likes to ask for help… I don’t do it for myself, but SPOTTY NEEDS!

As her care taker it is my responsibility to take care of those needs. SPOTTY NEEDS. So I am her voice. I am her person.

Please contact me or just send it anonymously… SPOTTY NEEDS!

Thank you for listening…

This is me… just me.




Just Watch It. #ONE @ONECampaign #WhyStandUp #poverty


Author: Chilleh Penguin

A frisky penguin.

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