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Using Posterous with Twitter

Sometimes 140 characters just isn’t enough

Why should you be limited to 140 characters? A picture is worth a thousand words. Share photos. Share video. Share music. Share it and tweet it in one step with Posterous.

Posterous is the perfect compliment to Twitter. Posterous will host all your rich media for free, and post a link to your Twitter stream.

*All* your media in one place. Customizable. No ads. Analytics. Exportable. Demand better, use Posterous.

Posterous is integrated in these great Twitter clients.




On the Desktop

Why Posterous?

There are a lot of options out there for hosting the media you want to post to Twitter. Quite frankly, the other services out there stink. Posterous is *the best* way to post to Twitter. And here’s why:

  • Post *all* media types to a single site. Posterous supports images, video, audio, documents, and long text posts.
  • Run your Posterous site on your own custom domain or subdomain.
  • Your Posterous site is fully customizable. You control the look and experience on your site.
  • NO ADS. None. Ever. We will not put ads around your content.
  • Update Facebook, Flickr, and other services you use automatically when you post to Posterous. We’re not just for Twitter.
  • Add Google Analytics to your site. See how many clicks you are getting and who your viewers are.
  • Posterous has a full export API. Do you want to take your media elsewhere? Our API lets you export all the original image and videos. We won’t lock you in.
Featured app

SimplyTweet for the iPhone is the perfect Posterous companion. The app took things to the next level to make the Posterous experience great.

  • Don’t be limited to 140 characters. SimplyTweet supports long tweets. The entire text of your tweet will be posted on Posterous.
  • Tags! SimplyTweet automatically turns hash tags into Posterous tags on your post.
  • SimplyTweet supports multiple photos to Posterous. Attach several images and get an image gallery on your Posterous site.
  • If you click on a link in SimplyTweet, you get an image viewer of any photos in that post.
  • SimplyTweet supports push notifications! Get notified of @replies and DMs instantly.
Other features

Use your favorite Twitter client to post to Posterous. But then you’ll also get these other features:

  • Post by email. Email anything to and we’ll autopost it everywhere.
  • Groups. Add contributors to your site just by adding their email address, no account needed.

Launch your favorite Twitter client now and change the “Media hosting” option to ‘Posterous’. Are we not an option in the app you use? Send them an email and ask for Posterous support!


Author: Chilleh Penguin

A frisky penguin.

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