PETS FOR PATRIOTS | Adult dog & cat adoption for military members

Pets for Patriots

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Our heroes need your support!

For less than 50 cents a day, you can feed a veteran’s honorably adopted shelter dog or cat for a year. make a gift today  »


Are you a soldier in transition?

A companion pet can help ease the stresses associated with military service, including transitioning to civilian life. more  »

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July fundraiser

Join us at Pet Pantry Warehouse in Greenwich, CT on July 17 from 11am-2pm. Meet our founder, buy Pets gear and stock up on supplies!

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Become a
member Patriot!

We serve veterans, service members and wounded soldiers from all branches of the military; be a pet’s hero! apply  »

Pixels for patriots!

Show your support with our free desktop wallpaper; download them all! see all  »

Pets for Patriots wallpaper


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