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1836 Rabbi Kalischer approached The Rothschilds to invest in Palestine. The Rothshilds, seeing no reason to invest, were not interested.(They would become extremely interested.)
Rabbi Tsvi Hirsch Kalischer
1859 Construction of Suez Canal begins.
1859 World’s first oil well drilled in Titusville, Pennsylvania.
1869 Suez Canal completed
1870 John D. Rockefeller forms Standard Oil
1872 Montefiore visits Palestine (Rothschilds now interested) —>
1873 Baku oil region opened for development
1873 Nobels enter Russian oil business.
1870’s “While Nobel Brothers dominated distribution of oil within the Russian Empire, beyond those borders Russian oil was hardly a factor. Geography locked the oil into the empire. For example, to reach a Baltic port meant ‘2,000 miles, intermittent water and rail transportation through western Russia.’ To make matters worse, severe winter weather precluded the shipment of kerosene on the Caspian between October and March, with the result that many refiners simply shut down for half the year. Even parts of the empire were inaccessible; in the city of Tiflis, it was cheaper to import kerosene from America, 8,000 miles away, than from Baku, 341 miles to the west.”(Yergin’sThe Prizep.60)
1875 England acquires Suez Canal with Rothschild loan
Prime Minister Benjamin D’Israeli with Queen Victoria (D’Israeli was born a Jew but was baptized as a child by his father Isaac who was a well-known Cabalistic Frankist (a student of the Sabbatean Messiah Jacob Frank, alias Yakov Frankovich, actually Leibowicz). Isaac gave as a reason for baptism that Judaism “cuts off the Jews from the great family of mankind” (Encyclopaedia Britannica). And his son Disraeli was a “Judahite” crypto-Jew.)
1877-1878 A prayer service for Jewish soldiers during the Russo-Turkish War 1877-78. The Russian-Turk War was instigated to incorporate the port of Batum into Russia where the Rothschilds had strong banking connections.It was from Batum that the Rothschilds would soon ship their Russian oil to the Far East markets.
1878 Port of Batum incorporated into Russia
1881 Alphonse de Rothschild meets with Horace De Gunzberg, Director of The Russian Imperial Bank in St. Petersburg
Horace De Gunzberg
1881 Egyptian resentment begins to grow against the British-French dominion over the Suez Canal. Depicted here is Ahmed Arabi, who would threaten security in the region as he would lead a revolt the following year. Ever since the Suez Canal became a plausible reality, the European Business elite quickly came to realize that the canal would soon become the “juglar” of Europe and would need special protection. European forces could protect the region initially but the future demanded a more permanent solution. The Jews would return to Zion after all. In fact, they would be coerced. The clock was ticking. A military Jewish colony would need to be established and made battle-ready before the region reverted back to the Eygptians. It was a bold plan. But how to get the Jews, comfortably established in the Pale of Settlement, to Palestine. A veritable wasteland. The answer was simple. Terror. It worked then as well as it works today. It was up to hidden world of the secret services to put things in motion. Have some patsy revolutionary Jews assassinate the Tsar. Get the pogroms going. Emigration is inevitable. Enough Jews will find themselves in Palestine.The arduous work of building the much needed colony would begin.
1881 Tsar Alexander II was assassinated on March 13, l881 by a 25-year-old Polish student named Ignacy Grinevitsky, who was Jewish. This prompted a wave of pogroms against the Jews. Which led to massive Jewish emigration in a westerly direction. This outcome benefited those people who were interested in building a Jewish colony in Palestine. Were the Rothschilds and their ilk behind the Tsar’s assassination? Well, considering that the Rothschilds could be implicated in similar assassinations of heads of state as explored on this site…it would seem quite plausible that they were behind the group of Polish Jewish students behind Alexander’s murder. . The Tsar’s son, a puppet of the Rothschild-aligned Russian bankers like de Gunzberg and Ephrussi was installed upon his father’s death. Russian pogroms and mistreatment of Russian Jews begin immediately- guaranteeing a flow of Jews to Palestine. These Jews were earmarked to do the initial back-breaking work of preparing the barren land of Palestine. The Jewish colony would be built from the rocks and dust of the neglected unhabitable terrain. The emigration west would bring many problems and would continue until worker immigration into the bankers’ new fledgling Palestine project was no longer needed.
Tsar Alexander II.People could not understand how it was possible that a Tsar who had done so much for Russia should have met his death at the hands of revolutionists. (Of course, what they didn’t know was that the assassination was the result of a banker’s scheme. Bankers make tsars and, if need be, break tsars (or any political leader or administrator for that matter)
“Expulsions, deportations, arrests, and beatings became the daily lot of the Jews, not only of their lower class, but even of the middle class and the Jewish intelligentsia. The government of Alexander III waged a campaign of war against its Jewish inhabitants … The Jews were driven and hounded, and emigration appeared to be the only escape from the terrible tyranny of the Romanovs.”— Berel Wein in Triumph of Survival (p. 173)
1882 Beginning of the 1st wave (Aliyah) of Jewish immigration into Palestine (The hope of a standing army within reach of Suez begins here)
1882 Egypt rebels against British-French dominion. Open revolt called “Arabi Uprising” (Anglo-Egyptian War).
1882 Alexandria bombarded by British Fleet led by Winston Churchill’s future “oil-maniac” mentor, Jacky Fisher commanding the HMS Inflexible. The Arabi Uprising put down at great expense. Alternative had to be found to protecting Suez Canal region. British military puppet-state needed for region. A militant Israel, with a standing army,navy,and intelligence service capable of installing and maintaining networks of crypto-sabbatean/masonic ruler-puppets of the Middle-Eastern countries (and beyond)created as a result of the Ottoman Empire break-up after WWI) must be created out of the dust of nearby Palestine. It would be in place before Suez reverts to the Eygptians.
1882 After successfully leading the Bombardment of Alexandria, aboard the HMS Inflexible, British Admiral John “Jackie” Fischer named commander of British Mediterreanian Fleet. (Later known as the “oil maniac”. Fisher would become a great advocate of converting the Royal navy from coal to oil fuel. Advisor to Churchill)
1882 Standard Oil Trust formed (far from the conflict in the middle east)
1882 Alphonse’s younger brother, Edmond de Rothschild visits Zichron Yaakov (An oil expert with a vision far beyond the vineyards)
1883 Rothschild-financed Baku-Batum railroad completed (Giving Rothschild’s Russian oil access to the world market)
1883 Alphonse de Rothschild’s daughter, Beatrice, marries Maurice Ephrussi, Jewish Russian Banker
1883 Baron Edmond de Rothschild begins patronizing early settlements, including Rishon L’Tzion
1884 British victory in the Anglo-Sudan War secures Red Sea coastline strategic to the Suez sea route
1885 Royal Dutch discovers oil in Sumatra.
1885 Rothschilds enter Russian Oil business
Oil expert Baron Alphonse de Rothschild (Edmond’s eldest brother)
1886 Rothschilds form their own oil company-BNITO
1887 Edmond de Rothschild visits Palestine settlements again.
1888 Rothschilds establish oil importing/distribution company
1891 Rosa Warburg marries Alexander De Gunzberg, Russian banker, son of Horace De Gunzberg (Rothschilds/Warburg agent in Russia)
1891 Samuel/Rothschild oil contract begins
Marcus Samuel, Founder of Shell Oil
1892 Samuel’s Shell Co.’s Murex oil tanker sails through the Suez Canal
1893 Samuel’s Shell Co.’s adds 10 more tankers to fleet
1893 Alphonse de Rothschild meets with Standard Oil in NYC to discuss cartel
John D. Rockefeller, founder of Standard Oil (S.O., Esso, Exxon)
1893 Edmond de Rothschild re-visits his Palestine settlements.
1896 Dreyfus Affair:Captain Alfred Dreyfus falsely accused of espionage. A stunned Theodor Hertzl, present at the degradation of Dreyfus, commences his Zionist activities. The Dreyfus scandal was designed by the French Rothschilds and their Masonic connections within the French military to stir up feelings of anti-semitism to promote the flow of a better class of Jew into Palestine. Through the resulting anti-semitism Western European Jews, like their manipulated pogrom-plagued Eastern European Russian cousins, would too begin dreaming of a “Zionist” haven.
The Degradation Ceremony of Alfred Dreyfus. The mob cried “Death to the Jews!”
Henry Ford sitting in the first car he built in 1896. The automobile created a new market for oil.Ford supported Hitler because the future of the world’s automobile industry would depend on an uninterupted flow of oil in the Middle-East as safe-guarded by a militant Israel. Hitler would insure the safety of Israel from a potentially fatal threat- continous waves of penniless immigrants threatening Israel’s stability. Israel is the keystone of stability in the oil-rich Middle-East. Ford was aware of that.
1897 The First Cup of Wine Produced at the Rothschild Settlement, Rishon Le-Zion
1898 The sinking of the U.S.S. Maine and the Spanish-American War: Beginning of U.S. internationalism. (I remember reading some time ago that there was a Rothschild in the vicinity of the U.S.S. Maine days prior to its explosion. Anyone with information that can verify this please contact me) —>
1899 Edmond de Rothschild visits Palestine settlements again.
1900 End of Rothschild/Samuels contract
1901 A “capitalist of the highest order,” English financier William Knox D’Arcy acquired the huge Persian concession in 1901.
1901 Opening up the Middle East:Oil in Persia
1903 End of 1st aliyah
1903 Wright Brother’s first flight
1903 Kishinev pogrom
1904 Beginning of 2nd Aliyah into Palestine.Work for the new immigrants was often backbreaking; many could not endure the extraordinary efforts demanded. David Ben-Gurion once claimed that 90 percent of all Second Aliyah immigrants eventually despaired and left the country.
Aaron David Gordon (1856-1922)believed labor was the cure for all the ills of the Jewish people. Seen as the symbol of the second Aliya, Gordon’s words inspired the ragged, shabby, malaria-weakened pioneers of the second wave of Eastern European immigrants.
Workers breakfast at Migdal.
Draining the swamps at Ein Harod: There was a lot of malaria
1905 Within but a single week in October 1905, more than 50 pogroms took place in Czarist Russia. With a 90 percent turnover many immigrant-laborers were needed in Palestine to accomplish the initial work needed to be done.
Victims of the Bialystok Pogrom in October 1905
1907 Shell and Royal Dutch combined under Henri Deterding who coincidentally would support Adolph Hitler. The Rothschilds were the major stockholder of Royal Dutch Shell.
1907 First drive-in gasoline station opens in Seattle (not St. Louis)
1907 David Gruen shown here at Edmund de Rothschild’s settlement Rishon L’Tzion. He would change his name to Ben-Gurion and would found Israel’s army and later become prime minister.
1908 Oil discovered in Persia
After five years of drudgery and disappointment, the engineer George Reynolds (left)—“solid English oak”—finally discovered oil in Persia in 1908, opening up oil development in the Middle East.
1909 The founding of Tel-Aviv in
1909 With the discovery of oil in Persia the establishment of the Jewish colony took on even more importance. The Eastern European immigrants could not be depended upon to get the initial work of colonization done. Immigrants from Yemen were brought in. Arriving in 1909, they were to play an important role in the campaign for Jewish labor. The Yemenites were excellent workers, making do with whatever little they had. They restored faith to many who had doubted that the concept of Jewish labor would ultimately triumph.
Yemenites of the Second Aliyah:The triumph of Jewish labor
1911 First Lord of the Admiralty Winston Chrchill in 1911 with Admiral Jacky Fisher (right), the “oil maniac” who persuaded Churchill to convert the Royal Navy from coal to oil in preparation for a war with Germany
1911 Bankers Natty Rothschild (London)and Max Warburg (Hamburg)secrectly conspire to engineer the Agadir Crisis which create tensions between England and Germany and leads to a naval build-up of oil-fueled battleships.The wheels would be set in motion for WWI.
1914 End of 2nd Aliyah
1914 Baron Edmond de Rothschild visits Palestine settlements again.
1914 World War I and the mechanization of the battlefield.Oil goes to war as the French commandeer Paris taxi cabs to rush additional troops to the war front.
1917 Balfour Declaration addressed to Lord Walter Rothschild
Lord Walter Rothschild
1919 Versailles Treaty: Ottoman Empire carved up. Oil states created (Iraq,Iran,Kuwait)
Aftermath of the Kiev pogrom of 1919. Civil war broke out in Russia when the Communists seized control in 1918. In the course of the civil war, 1,326 pogroms took place in the Ukraine alone, in which 70,000 Jews lost their lives.
Zionist training farm in Berditchev, Ukraine-1919.
1919 Adolph Hitler ,suspected of shadowy ties to the Rothschilds, begins political rise.
1919 Third Aliyah begins
A typical image of the Third Aliyah period -White Tents amid bare, rock-strewn hills. “We came to an empty land. There were 600,000 inhabitants here, of whom 540,000 were Arabs and 60,000 were Jews… The land was almost entirely desert and swamps. We did not feel that we were pushing anyone aside.”-David Horowitz (Labor Brigade Secretary)
In truth the Jews were not pushing the Arabs aside.But remember that the Jews were brought to Palestine for a specific purpose. A military purpose and they were not going to become a military people if they were allowed to exist in a peaceful environment. This is the key to understanding the middle-east conflict. Arrangements were made, as they were in Czarist Russia, to violently provoke the Jews. This time they would be encouraged and trained in militarism. It began with the classic Problem-Reaction-Solution tool. Without which Jews and Arabs would be living peaceably side-by-side until today. But the region had to be protected and it wouldn’t be protected by sissys. So the Arabs had to be brain-washed to hate the Jews.(I wish I was making this stuff up.)
1920 Herbert Samuel (1870-1963),son of Shell Oil founder Marcus Samuel, named High Commissioner of Palestine. He was the first Jewish ruler in the land of Israel since Herod Agrippa.
British Prime Minister Lloyd George and Churchill at Whitehall. As Colonial Secretary from 1921-22, Churchill was to navigate Britain’s policies regarding Palestine and Zionist affairs. Churchill had determined that Israel should have a population of no more than 3 million people. Hitler would be set in motion once the Jewish population quotas were satisfied. Safeguarding the future of the Jewish colony from future waves of undesirable immigrants.
1921 Herbert Samuel welcomes Winston Churchill to Jerusalem. Standing behind Samuel is James “Jimmy” de Rothschild, son of Baron Edmond. Samuel’s oil tankers were bringing Rothschild’s oil through the Suez Canal to be delivered to Churchill’s newly oil-fueled Royal Navy. The creation of Israel was not founded on kindness to the Jews. At least not in the minds of the powerful men behind it.
The Arab riots of 1921 were formented by the British through Arab leaders to toughen up the Jews in order to prepare them for their future militaristic role in the emerging Middle-East.
1922 British Home Secretary,Winston Churchill,suspected of “illegitimate” biological ties to the Rothschilds ,issues White Paper which stated that the Jewish community:

… should know that it is in Palestine as of right and not on the sufferance. That is the reason why it is necessary that the existence of a Jewish National Home in Palestine should be internationally guaranteed, and that it should be formally recognized to rest upon ancient historic connection.

The White Paper of 1922 also established a new principle as a factor for determining an immigration quota of Jews to Palestine. The White Paper confirmed the right of Jewish immigration but stipulated that this should not exceed the economic absorptive capacity of the country, an arbitrary standard that gave the British wide latitude to limit the influx of Jews.

1922 Josef Stalin, suspected illegitimate Rothschild ,becomes General Secretary of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union. Stalin would play an indirect but major role in the Holocaust by allowing Hitler’s killing machine into the Pale of Settlement and would wait until the the ethnic cleansing had been accomplished before chasing the Germans out of Russia.
1923 Third Aliyah ends. The Third Aliyah reached a crisis in 1923. There was famine in the villages and thousands of unemployed people in the cities. There were many cases of suicide. The situation appeared desperate and observers spoke confidently of the bankruptcy of Zionism. “There was a tremendous amount of work and little to eat, a water shortage, and terrible sanitary conditions. Do you know what it means to go out at night, with a high fever from malaria, to walk nearly half a kilometer to an outdoor toilet? We had nothing! What was there to eat?”-Golda Meyerson-Meir (Kibbutz Merhavia)
1924 Edmond de Rothschild, the “Great Benefactor”, visits Palestine again.
The port of Jaffa during the Fourth Aliyah was filled with ships and new immigrants.
A group of Fourth Aliyah immigrants in 1924.
1924 Fourth Aliyah (1924-1931) begins. The new immigrants of the Fourth Aliyah had no intention of draining swamps or making the desert bloom. Many were independent entrepeneurs, who, with little capital and no encouragement or guidance, began to develop light industry in Palestine.
A stocking factory. With no encouragement, light industry began to develop.
1925 Edmond de Rothschild visits Palestine for the last time.
1931 Fourth Aliyah ends
1932 Fifth Aliyah begins
Before the Second World War there were five waves of immigration into Palestine. The first two, in the 1880s and in the decade up to 1914, brought settlers from Eastern Europe. These laid the foundations of the labour movement. The third and fourth waves brought many middle-class immigrants. The fifth, from 1929 to 1939, predominantly brought in Jews from Germany. The picture above shows a young immigrant from Germany.
Children in Neve Ya’akov. The Baron would have his Jewish military colony.
1933 Adolph Hitler ,suspected of shadowy ties to the Rothschilds, becomes chancellor of Germany.
1933 Franklin Delano Roosevelt becomes President of the U.S. FDR also had obscure ties to the Rothschilds.Roosevelt’s fortune was inherited from his maternal grandfather Warren Delano. In 1830, Delano was a senior partner of Russell & Company. It was their merchant fleet which carried Rothschild/Sassoon opium to China and returned with tea. Sassoon’s sons were busy pushing this mind-destroying drug in Canton, China. Between 1830 – 1831 they trafficked 18,956 chests of opium earning millions of dollars. Part of the profits went to Queen Victoria (also suspected of being an illegitamate child of N.M. Rothschild) and the Rothschild-controlled British government. In the year 1836 the trade increased to over 30,000 chests and drug addiction in coastal cities became endemic.
1934 Baron Edmond de Rothschild dies in Paris and according to his wishes is buried in Israel. He and his wife were re-interred in 1954 near Zichron Yaakov, Israel.
1937 Neville Chamberlain appointed Prime Minister of pre-war Britain.Chamberlain would become a thorn in the side of Rothschild war efforts as he sought to appease Hitler, thus interfering with war timetables. His disruptive efforts would be further aided by a newly appointed american ambassador, meddling in foreign affairs that he at first doesn’t understand.
In return for a political favor, Franklin D. Roosevelt appoints Joseph P.Kennedy as the United States Ambassador to the Court of St. James (Britain). Kennedy becomes close friends with Chamberlain and aids him in his appeasement efforts with Hitler.Kennedy felt an obligation to prevent America from getting embroiled in yet another European War.Appeasing Hitler seemed like a logical idea. Chamberlain would, as best he could, clue Kennedy into the secret dynamics behind British politics. No doubt alerting Kennedy to his real enemy…the all-powerful Rothschild banking family and their massive sphere of influence. Not a big lover of Jews in the first place, Kennedy, no doubt saw the bankers responsible for bankrolling war after war as public enemy number one. He would dedicate the rest of his life,and the life of his sons, to combating the influence that the bankers had in the U.S. The Rothschilds would prevail in protecting their interests by taking aim at Kennedy’s political efforts via his sons. JPK’s eldest son would die in a mysterious mid-air explosion. JFK’s PT boat would be rammed at sea but he would survive. Later JFK together with brother RFK would be assassinated and their father’s attempts to loosen the bankers’ hold on America nullified.
Outsider Chamberlain brokers big joke called The Munich Agreement aimed at appeasing insider Hitler (who is secretly an agent of war working on behalf of the British government).
A proud, but naive Chamberlain waves the document he feels will stave off war in Europe.If only things were that simple.For political outsiders politics merely appear black and white.For insiders, it is.For his efforts, Chamberlain would be,IMHO,poisoned and forced to resign due to “ill-health” with insider Churchill taking his place.Chamberlain would die six months after leaving office. A similar political end as suffered by other politicians no longer needed at critical times along the timetable, i.e.Hertzl,FDR.
From left to right,Lord Halifax, Welles, Neville Chamberlain, Joseph P. Kennedy.London 1940
July 10,1940
Edouard de Rothschild arrives in New York with his wife and daughter.He carries $1,000,000 worth of museum quality gems to sustain his exile until the war ends. In 1939, he had dispatched one of his family’s most portable treasures,the precious shares of Royal Dutch oil stock, to a Montreal bank to safeguard it from damage due to bombing or shelling.
1940 Fifth Aliyah ends
August 1940 Joseph Kennedy abruptly removed from his ambassador post with the publishing of his controversial remarks suggesting that “Democracy is finished in England. It may be here, [in the US].” Kennedy worried that a third term for Roosevelt meant war; as Leamer reports, “Joe believed that Roosevelt, Churchill, the Jews and their allies would manipulate America into approaching Armageddon.”Nevertheless, Kennedy supported Roosevelt’s third term in return for Roosevelt’s support of Joseph Kennedy Jr. for Governor of Massachusetts in 1942.Even during the height of the conflict, however, Kennedy remained “more wary of” prominent American Jews such as Felix Frankfurter than he was of Hitler.Kennedy would use his wealth and connections to build a national network of supporters that became the base for his sons’ political careers to thwart what he considered to be the dangers of “some Jews in public office and in private life.”
1941 Holocaust begins. Obscure Rothschild relative, Adolph Hitler ,eliminates the possibility of unauthorized massive Jewish immigration into Palestine thus insuring the future of a fledgling military colony and the steady flow of Middle Eastern oil to the West.The world’s new energy supply would flow only after the flow of Eastern European Jewish blood. Rothschild oil investments could not and would not be compromised.The story will never reach mainstream history books.
1946 John F. Kennedy elected to Congress.
1948 State of Israel “official”
1952 John F. Kennedy elected to U.S. Senate.
1956 Israeli military proves itself during Suez Crisis alongside Britain and France. jfk03clr
1958 Construction commenced,with French assistance on the Negev Nuclear Research Center, an Israeli nuclear installation located in the Negev desert, about thirteen kilometers to the south-east of the city of Dimona. Israel’s ‘nuclear option’ would become the very foundation of it’s national security policy insisting that only the deterrent of the threat of nuclear weapons could insure Israel’s survival amidst its hostile neighbors.
1961 John F. Kennedy was sworn in as the 35th President at noon on January 20, 1961. He would become an expected thorn in the side of the quiet people who actually own the the U.S.
1961 President Kennedy was ‘dead-set’ against Israel’s nuclear weapons program convinced that the spread of nuclear weapons would make the world more dangerous and undermine U.S. interests. Kennedy placed a great deal of pressure on Ben-Gurion (Rothschild interests) in the effort to pressure for acceptance of international inspection of Dimona and Israeli abdication of their nuclear weapons.Ben-Gurion met with Kennedy in May in an attempt to convey the importance of nuclear weapons to the survival of the people of Israel.Kennedy was not sympathetic. Ben-Gurion said,”He looked to me like a twenty-five year old boy.I asked myself: How can a man so young be elected president? At first, I did not take him seriously.”
The Room. The inner sanctum of N.M.Rothschild during the time of the Kennedy administration.Chairman Edmund de Rothschild seated at desk rear center.Did Eddy order the hit on JFK?
Edmund de Rothschild, chairman of N.M.Rothschild during the Kennedy administration.(Cover photo of his autobiography, A Gilt-Edged Life)
Spring 1962 President Kennedy’s secret mistress, Mary Pinchot Meyer,planned to avert worldwide nuclear war by convincing him along with other powerful male members of the Washington establishment to take mind-altering drugs, which would presumably lead them to conclude that the Cold War was meaningless.CIA’s James Jesus Angleton and his wife were counted among Meyer’s close friends as she was the ex-wife of CIA super spook Cord Meyer Jr. Benjamin Bradlee of the Washington Post was also implicated as he was her brother-in-law and a close friend of JFK. Meyer said she had shared in this plan with at least seven other Washington socialite friends who held similar political views and were trying to supply LSD to a small circle of high ranking government officials.
June 4,1963 President Kennedy signed a presidential document, called Executive Order 11110 giving Kennedy, as President of the United States, legal clearance to create his own money to run the country, money that would belong to the people, an interest and debt-free money. He had printed United States Notes, completely ignoring the Federal Reserve Notes from the Rothschild-led private banks of the Federal Reserve. Records show that Kennedy issued $4,292,893,825 of cash money. It was perfectly obvious that Kennedy was out to undermine the Federal Reserve System of the United States.
June 27,1963 Ben-Gurion was so preoccupied with obtaining nuclear weapons that, eleven days after resigning from office, he announced, “I do not know of any other nation whose neighbors declare that they wish to terminate it, and not only declare, but prepare for it by all means available to them. We must have no illusions that what is declared every day in Cairo, Damascus, and Iraq are just words. This is the thought that guides the Arab leaders I am confident that science is able to provide us with the weapons that will serve the peace and deter our enemies.”
November 22,1963 300806jfk
In her autobiography, Leah Rabin,wife of former Israeli Prime Minister, Yitzchak Rabin, caused quite a stir when she mentioned that her husband was in Dallas on November 22,1963. A month after JFK’s assassination Rabin would be rewarded by being named Chief of Staff of the Israel Defense Force.
Working with French and American intelligence ,Israeli military intelligence proves itself in the JFK assassination and cover-up. OAS-employed Corsican hitmen, recruited by the Mossad’s European chief assassin, Yitzhak Shamir,would be implicated in the assassination.Were the Israelis involved in the planning of the most famous motorcade assassination? Was the Mossad involved in liquidating numerous witnesses to JFK’s assassination.
November 23,1963 Only one day after Kennedy’s assassination, all the United States notes which Kennedy had issued were called out of circulation. Was this through an executive order of the newly-installed president, Lyndon B. Johnson? Or was he merely an instrument of the Rothschilds? At any rate, all of the money President Kennedy had created was destroyed. And not a word was said to the American people.
November 1963 In his biography Flashbacks Ex-Harvard Psychology professor, Timothy Leary claimed that he had a call from Mary Pinchot Meyer soon after the Kennedy assassination during which she sobbed and said, “They couldn’t control him any more. He was learning too much. He was changing too fast…They’ve covered everything up. I gotta come see you. I’m afraid.”
October 12,1964
Nobody messes with the Zohan. With two point blank shots to the heat and heart, Mary Pinchot Meyer murdered by “the same sons of bitches who killed John F. Kennedy”, according to Mary’s ex-husband CIA’s Cord Meyer,Jr. As head of Black Ops at the Agency at the time of the assassination, he was offering up a veiled death confession though the actual murder of his ex-wife was most likely an Israeli assassin. MPM was hit two weeks after the Warren Commission cover-up was released to the public, thereby eliminating one person who knew that it was total bullshit.
December 1964
Soon after the JFK assassination Guy de Rothschild, the force behind the French-built Dimona Nuclear reactor and Israel’s Mirage jets, graces the cover of Time. The Illuminati loves hidden public irony known only to themselves.
Ben-Gurion presents James Jesus Angleton of the CIA with an award for special services rendered to the State of Israel.(Angleton’s mother happened to be Jewish-Mexican). Angleton and his wife were personal friends of Mary Pinchot Meyer,JFK’s secret mistress and nuclear weapons advisor. Nina Burleigh, MPM’s biographer claims James Angleton tapped Mary Meyer’s telephone after she left her husband,Cord Meyer,Jr.. Angleton often visited the MPM’s family home and took her sons on fishing outings.
Chairman of N.M. Rothschild, Edmund de Rothschild and former Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion at Rothschild headquarters. Is the chairman taking the time to congratulate the old man for a job well done? Edmund was the only head of the English banking house to write an autobiography. Of all the VIPs he had met, he chose this photo with Ben-Gurion for his book.The irony isn’t lost here. Are we looking at the “sons of bitches who killed JFK?”
1967 Thanks to French Mirage fighters, Six-Day War proves Israel military battle-ready to protect Suez Canal and surrounding “interests”.Two years ahead of the 100 year goal set at the 1869 completion of the Suez Canal.
Yehoshua Cohentrained the two men responsible for the assassination of Lord Moyne in 1944. Moyne, a close friend of Churchill, was the British resident minister in the Middle East. Yehoshua Cohen himself,assassinated Count Folke Bernadotte, a UN-appointed peacemaker sent to Palestine in 1948 to negotiate Jerusalem’s boundries. In 1965, Cohen privately confessed to the assasination in the presence of Ben-Gurion during an interview with Ben-Gurion’s biographer, Michael Bar-Zohar. After Ben-Gurion abrupt exit as Israel’s Prime Minister after his stormy dealings with the Kennedy administration over Dimona, he and Cohen were in daily contact as they were living on the same Negev kibbutz not far from Dimona. Did Cohen have a hand in the JFK assassination? This researcher is of the opinion that he did indeed.In the end,the Rothschild’s Middle east military safeguard for the steady flow of oil to the West was firmly in place.


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