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Marc Durant Marc Durant Mike Dammann Patrice Anthonio [YES, DAD THINK HE IS WORTHY OF TWO FACEBOOK PAGES… KINDA CURIOUS]

I’m trying to tell you something ‘bout my life! I went to the doctor of philosphy, he created my performance. He said he could see through me.” I spent 4 years [10 years ssdd] but I got my paper and I was “FREE!”

You lied, daddy. I wasn’t free. How can i believe in the promised land if you lied for so long.

You lied.

You told me to smile pretty for the cameras and everything was WONDERFUL!”

Do you even remember? I was 15. Told you I needed to see a doctor. A professional. I prayed for death every single night. Same year you respectfully requested the court vacate all support orders [including QCMSO] Agust 15, 1988. I remember! When I walked out the courtroom onto Market Street you told to smile pretty but don’t say a word. Gag order. Five Squad. I know you are ashamed to have such a liberal outspoken smart-ass-big-mouth for #OffSpring. But tell my brothers I love them, because i sense this i goodbye.

The #BlackSheep went to YOUR doctor.

Nemzoff. The same one who diagnosed David shapiro when he was charged with 23 counts of #fraud. He surrendered his law license after spending a month or so in Club Head. Horsham clinic Ibelieve. And we got to stay at his “shore house” in Avalon while he did HIS time. After a month inthe loony bin “Club Head” his sentence for 23 counts of fraud were suspended… “the shame and embarrassment of his behaviour was enough. #whitecollar “There are no victims here” Wanna bet?

… to be continued..

Turns out! I am OTWFN! “Off the wall fucking nuts” See? I was listening. The family made jokes. Told me I wasn’t smart enough. Didn’t need to be smart. Just pretty. A cheerleader… Penn State State Penn. Thank you. I could use a vacation at Club Head. $34,000 vacaton. AND IT IS FREE TO ME! SEE YA! :))

because tweting from my worst living hell… I will always remember that night @donnette @paulbritphoto @almostvisible when i looked into spotty’s eyes and saw the fear. teror. lost. #homeless and when I looked into her eyes it hit me. i was looking at my own reflection.

@Donnette said, “go inside baby gurl” and i told her with tears in my eyes as i sat on the curb holding Spotty’s trembling body, “I can’t. I have nowhere to go” Trying to keep her warm at 3am. Shivering in the darkness…I told @donnette for the first time— #homeless

A feel it right now. The tears, the #NashvilleFlood tells us WE are NOT Nashville. And I wondered what Spoty did. And then I wrote this…


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