Social Security and SSI Legal Information Letters Table of Contents

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Legal Information Letters

“At a Glance” Advocate Information Sheets




New SSI Income and Resource Rules

2010 Social Security and Medicare Changes

Blind Work Expenses (BWEs)  PDF

Earned Income Tax Credits  PDF

Continuing Disability Reviews (CDRs)  PDF

Expedited Reinstatement of SSDI or SSI Benefits  PDF

Extended Medicare for SSDI Recipients

HUD Earned Income Disregard

Impairment Related Work Expenses  PDF
Medicaid Buy-in  PDF
Medicare Penalties and Medicare Savings Programs  PDF
Representative Payee  PDF
QMB and SLMB: Medicare Savings Programs  PDF
Recent Social Security & SSI Changes  PDF
Roomer-Lodger Agreementspp
Substantial Gainful Activity Rule  PDF
Social Security and SSI Overpayments

SSI & Section 1619(b) Medicaid

Section 301 Rule

SSI and Age 18 Determinations  PDF

SSI Application Process  PDF

SSI and Childhood Disability Functional Standard  PDF

SSI: Income  PDF
SSI’S Plan for Achieving Self Support (PASS)
SSI: Resources  PDF
Student Earned Income Exclusion  PDF
Subsidies and Substantial Gainful Activity
Western New York Work Incentives and Benefits Advisement (WIBA) Project
Work and Reporting Obligations
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