Dear @TwitterVerse your system is FLAWED! FIX IT! Thank you, @ElyssaD #TwitterVerses #hashtags

This hashtag’s Registration Details:

Officially registered on: August 3rd, 2010
Proper hashtag usage: #TwitterVerses
First used on this account:
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How should this tag be used?

TwitterVerses: a quote or statement that creates a ‘random act of awareness’ that fits in a verse under 140.

Dear @TwitterVerse

wow! you need more bot training! inactive url address built into code. go back to sandbox!

web address leading back to user names / account page are inconsistent.

it is an easy fix, but you if you fix it now!

your system is no help unless it is consistent. FIX IT! HASH #HANDLE

Thank you,

#TwitterVerses @ElyssaD


Author: Chilleh Penguin

A frisky penguin.

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