NIMBY on Election Day: August 2010 Nashville, TN

NIMBY on Election Day: August 2010 (note 1: response to FB post regarding “Request for Volunteers) I just thought it something the candidate may want to know. And though this is “just my humble opinion” that does NOT help the *causes* that you have been fighting for. It makes the democratic look really, really bad when the tell a fellow democrat “we don’t need YOUR help because ‘nobody’ knows you here’” That was quite a statement considering that completely turns the entire “grass roots movement” in to just another dog and pony show. There is a difference between what people say and what they do. I VOTE. Period. I hope it isn’t a close one, because when I asked for a ride to the polls, the silence came through LOUD and CLEAR. Good luck, I know you are in it for the right reasons, I think I’m out for the right reasons too. That “game” is something I cannot and will support. Not in my backyard! (Hold please! I can’t post to my own wall! Like omg, no way, a #404 on ELECTION DAY? GTFO! ) #truthout File under: NIMBY, weAREnashville, Election, 2010 
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