Jamella Finnie, 31 located deceased. State should have received notification #foulplay

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Jamella Finnie, 31 located deceased. I’m terribly sad to report this.

Thank you to all the wonderful Twitter folks who helped me get the message out regarding missing loved Jamella Finnie. She is flying the heavens and resting in the arms of the Lord, free of any health ailments. My heart and prayers to her mother and those who love her and will miss her. Special thanks to @ElyssaD who went above and beyond to help get her info out to the public on Twitter.

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Missing Woman, Stepfather Found Dead

Family Says Discovery Leaves More Questions

Jamella Finnie, 31, and her stepfather Craig Townsend, 51, were found dead in a car in the parking lot of the Walmart neighborhood market in Nippers Corner on Sunday morning, according to family. Authorities have not determined the time or cause of death. Autopsies are under way and could be complete as soon as Monday.

Gwendolyn Wiley-Townsend said through a representative that she is grieving right now. She said she has more questions than answers and cannot make sense of what happened to her daughter, Jamella. “Everybody loves Jamella, and I never thought he would do something like this. Never,” Wiley-Townsend said.

Finnie disappeared from a Walmart parking lot Wednesday with Townsend. Wiley-Townsend said she went to Walmart on Nolensville Road to pick up groceries and a few household items on Wednesday afternoon. When she came out of the store, her car, husband and daughter were gone. Believed to be behind the wheel of her car was Wiley-Townsend’s husband of 16 years, Townsend.

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Jamella Finnie

Jamella Finnie

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