It takes more than Courage to Move Homeless Online: iSUPPORT @wearevisible #invppl #charity

The Courage to Start Moving the Homeless Online: Could NOT agree more. One year ago, today, I was homeless. I was exhausted, exasperated , and I had nothing left except my cat, Spotty. My only connection with the “real” world was the occasional invite to some exclusive event or requests for campaign donations. Sure there were rumors and “wall posts” but no bodies; no humanes; no humanity to be found anywhere on the landscape. Had it NOT been for my BlackBerry Twitter “Bio: Nashville, TN; I’m already YOUR BACK YARD.” I could have just as easily been tweeting into some black hole or out of a ditch somewhere. The “community” did not find my NIMBY joke nearly as amusing as I did, but now, 19 months later, Nashville was awarded the NIMBY award by TWICE completely independent of anything I said or “reported” in my tweets from the streets. On the brighter side of things, I managed to tweet my way into a 2BR across town. I lost everything. My job, my faith, my self. But I’m alive. And I am one hellluva a tweeter in times of Crisis and on the ground. MOBILE & GLOBAL! Now. @WeAreVisible #WeAreVisible
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Author: Chilleh Penguin

A frisky penguin.

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