Reality Bytes: Sweden on the fly… BEFORE WIKILEAKS INFAMY…

Sweden on the fly… @brokepimpstyles

I hope this works!

I’m CyberSquatting. T-Mobile sucks! My TwackBerry does not get
e-mail; and I have to do ANOTHER master reset before I can switch to
the droid.

Anyhoo get email in html or links, I am hoping this will post and find
it’s way to online live (in real time) so I can some feedback from my
awesome team of #indigenous tweeps @RayBeckerman @brokepimpstyles
@thereisawayjose @emergentorder @blackfellas @anarchists Take it away
boys! #GeoEye #Zeus #indigenous #Sweden #NZ #Australia #DoD #defense
#security #US #telecom #HRWT

Help a girl out please!



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Making every pound count

Defence Management

RELATED FEATURESHard, thinking, adaptableLord Drayson’s reform
agendaThe code trackersSound thinkingMARS goes greenThe cost of
corrosionRise of the robotsMaking every pound countTuesday, March 09,
2010 Conservative shadow defence minister Gerald Howarth MP discusses
Lord Drayson’s Strategy for…
Defense News – MoD Postpones Search for New U.K. Materiel Chief
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Sponsored Resource

Understanding the Value of Web-Based Audio Conferencing

Join this TechRepublic Webcast to explore the top concerns for telecom
buyers in 2010 and discuss how Web-based audio conferencing enables
organizations to better manage users and costs.

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Fighter jet’s costs jump more than 50 percent

Government Executive

The Pentagon will notify Congress within the next several days that
costs for the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter have ballooned more than 50
percent since the program began in 2001, senior defense officials told
the Senate Armed Services Committee Thursday.The cost increase means
the Pentagon’s…
Defense Tech – JSF Costs Jump 50 Percent
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U.S. Army Requests Permission To Modify Strykers

Defense News

The U.S. Army has asked the Pentagon to approve a plan to increase
Stryker vehicles’ survivability by adding a double V-shaped hull, Lt.
Gen. Robert Lennox, deputy chief of staff for Army programs, told
members of the House Armed Services air and land forces subcommittee
March 10. “Our goal is to…
UPI – U.S. Army pushes Stryker modification
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Sweden’s 2009 arms sales shot up


STOCKHOLM, Sweden, March 11 (UPI) — Sweden in 2009 sold arms worth
$1.9 billion, a 7 percent increase over the previous year, a
government agency said. “Of the total defense materiel exports, 80
percent went to well-established partner countries, both within the EU
and to countries like South…
Defense News – Swedish Arms Exports Rose 7 Percent in 2009
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Opening up government data ‘will deliver £6bn boost’

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JSF Costs Rocket 50 Percent

Department of Defense

The Pentagon will tell Congress that the Joint Strike Fighter is
roughly 50 percent more expensive than it was in 2002 and will breach
the Nunn-McCurdy cost limits ?in a few days,? Pentagon acquisition
czar Ash Carter told the Senate Armed Services Committee. Carter told
the committee the…
Defense News – DoD: F-35 to Breach Nunn-McCurdy Limits by 50%
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GeoEye Selects Lockheed Martin to Begin Engineering and Manufacturing
of GeoEye-2, the Company’s Next Commercial Earth-Imaging Satellite

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Nexter Joins Swedish Armored Vehicle Contest

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LM selected for MK 41 launcher support


BALTIMORE, March 11 (UPI) — Defense company Lockheed Martin was
selected to provide the U.S. Navy with support for a cruisers and
destroyers vertical launching technology. Lockheed Martin announced it
received the contract to support the MK 41 Vertical Launching System,
which supports ship…
Military & Aerospace Electronics – Lockheed Martin wins $17 million
U.S. Navy contract for MK 41 vertical launching system
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St. Louis could lose its first stainless steel landmark

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Valley National Bank Acquires Deposits And Certain Assets Of
LibertyPointe Bank – Quick Facts

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India confirms move to buy C-17 aircraft


NEW DELHI, March 11 (UPI) — The Indian air force is to buy an initial
10 Boeing heavy-lift C-17 Globemaster III aircraft to replace Russian
IL-76 transporters, the defense minister said. Defense Minister A.K.
Antony confirmed to Parliament that a letter of request was issued to
Washington for…
Defense News – Minister Confirms India’s Request To Buy U.S. C-17s
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Former DHS chief: Cyber ShockWave exposed missing links in U.S. security

Federal Computer Week

COMMENTARY Former DHS Secretary Michael Chertoff, who took part in the
event, offers steps government and industry should take In
mid-February the Bipartisan Policy Council hosted Cyber ShockWave, a
simulation of how our nation might respond to a catastrophic cyber
event. The simulation was…
Government Computer News – Cyber ShockWave exposed missing links in
U.S. security
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Watchdogs applaud earmark ban, wonder about loopholes

Government Executive

Government watchdog groups Wednesday welcomed House Democrats’ ban on
earmarks benefiting for-profit companies but said more needed to be
done, and they raised concerns that the move could make the earmark
process less transparent.”On face value, it’s a good first step and I
hope it’s the…
Washington Post – House Democrats ban earmarks for private contractors
Washington Post – Democrats ban earmarks to for-profit companies as
GOP leaders urge complete moratorium
Minnapolis Star Tribune – Democrats at Odds on Banning Earmarks to
Companies (Update1)
BusinessWeek – Democrats Disagree on Banning Earmarks to Private Companies
BusinessWeek – House Democrats seek to limit earmarks to show
commitment to ethics
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SAIC to support C2 software development


MCLEAN, Va., March 11 (UPI) — The U.S. Navy selected Science
Applications International Corp. engineering for the development of
command-and-control software. U.S. company SAIC announced it will
support a command-and-control software development initiative as part
of a…
Washington Technology – SAIC secures $625M Navy award
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