In the Cointelpro Documentary Part 1 (below), evidence is presented of the suppressed history of the FBI Cointelpro’s (COunterIINTELigencePROgram) sabotage of legitimate dissent and persecution of people of color that is a component of spying.  Information about this government program has been as suppressed as the associated history of Nazis in the highest U.S. government echelons leading the white supremacy movement in the U.S.

Surveillance, informants, sponsoring discrediting letters signed by phony names sent to family members to dissolve family support, blocking meetings with individuals who could further an individual’s success in bettering humanity, death threats and assassinations are only some of the covert tactics that have destroyed American freedom and justice defenders for decades and continue through today

Cointelpro has had over fifty years to refine its violent operation. Now under a different name, it targets individuals on both sides of the party fence, people as innocent as Reverend Martin Luther King who had all of the above-mentioned tactics used against him by his own government.

Rev. King, a candidate of the black “Messiah,” was assassinated on April 4, 1968. Tens of thousands of FIPs remain in prison due to Coitelpro.

Secret government spying crimes unleashed during the Bush administration follow a pattern based on advanced surveillance technology. Once a target is chosen, he or she is “put under covert surveillance in their residence, car, place of employment and anywhere else“ according to a targeted man, Robert Wood.

Former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations, Rev. Andrew Young stated that the problem is, “a neo-fascist police state mentality that pervaded the intelligence community and is a danger to the US to this day.”


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