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Gang Stalking: New DOJ FOIA Documents Prove DOJ Knows The Truth

by PeaceFrog | August 27, 2010 at 07:58 am

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     The DOJ published statistics about stalking in Stalking Victimization in the United States in 2009. Yours truly, has obtained new government documents proving that this survey misled the American public by ommitting material facts about gang stalking. Furthermore, there were several survey methodolgy errors that grossly underestimated the extent of the problem.

      Here is what I obtained via FOIA request No. 10-00169 to DOJ Office of Justice Programs via a letter dated March 22, 2010:

Of the 446,790 episodes of stalking committed by 3 or more persons, more than 4 in 10 were committed by the offenders working together. Did All These People Act as a Team or a Group?         

     The below links show at least 185,050 organized stalking victims. Also, on the breakdown page tens of thousands are known to the government as being gang stalked at ranges of 3 to 50. It is clear that what is being experienced is a government cover-up reaching the highest levels.
     Significant numbers of group stalkers were reported in groups of between 3 and up to 50 stalkers working as part of a team or group, numbering in the tens of thousands.
     Facially the study shows that at least 185,050 group stalking victims exist in the U.S. This number is artificially low because of two confounding variables in the study. Firstly the 5.9 percent reporting not knowing whether a team or group was involved contains an unknown number of group stalking victims. Assuming it is the same as the 41.2 percent for victims knowing three or more stalkers are working in teams or groups, the number of victims exceeds 200,000. Secondly, 2,262,940 “harassment victims” were excluded from the study if they did not state they feared for their safety, or, the safety of a family member (See Stalking Victimization in the United States, page 10, D.O.J. Office of Justice Programs, Bureau of Justice Statistics, January, 2009). This means that if the excluded harassment group follows a similar pattern of harassment  as those deemed “stalking victims”, the number of U.S. citizens being gang stalked exceeds 350,000.                                        

   Everyone interested, including doubters should READ!! Here is a weblink to the documents, including a signed letter on DOJ letterhead, courtesy of Eleanor White:

Alternate sites for documents:


The documents in the above link contradict the official DOJ denials of knowledge of gang stalking by groups and teams of individuals. Wikipedia, evidently states that “gang stalking” is delusional in the face of these “public documents” proving otherwise. They are either being misled or coerced to spread government disinformation belied by extensive government survey data proving gang stalking exists. In essence, if you read the above links and read Wikipedia on gang stalking, you will have to come to the conclusion that they are, witting or not, spreading government propaganda related to “gang stalking conspiracy theories spread on the internet”. This is shameful on the part of Wikipedia, and, moreso on the part of the United States ” Department of Justice”.…


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