Warning on new email worm virus | NASA

Warning on new email worm virus

EMAIL users have been warned of a new worm virus that has attacked NASA and is spreading rapidly.

The virus arrives by email, offering downloads of “free sex movies” or documents.

McAfee Labs said on Friday the “Here you have” virus, which attacks users of computers running Microsoft’s Windows operating system, takes its name from the subject line in the emails sent to unsuspecting recipients.

The emails provide a link to a website purporting to offer shared PDF documents or movie files but which execute the virus when clicked upon.

Once activated, the worm sends the email on to all of the contacts in a recipient’s address book.

It tries to disable security programs hosted by a recipient’s machine.

“It looks like multiple variants may be spreading and it may take some time to work through them all to paint a clearer picture,” warned Craig Schmugar on McAfee’s Threat Response page.

Anti-virus firm Kaspersky raised its threat level over the virus which it called “VBMania”.

“The worm is pretty active, and currently sending out significant amounts of mail,” it said.

Symantec is also investigating the threat and has updated its anti-virus.

According to Fox News, the virus took down servers at US space agency NASA and companies such as cable giant Comcast on Thursday.


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