A Bientot, Priya — and Bonjour: The ‘Welcome-To-NY’ Martinis Are On Me | Epicenter | Wired.com

A Bientot, Priya — and Bonjour: The ‘Welcome-To-NY’ Martinis Are On Me

Priya with knife, by Dylan F. Tweney/flickr. Used with permission, but we would have either way.

Gadget Lab reporter Priya Ganapati is leaving the wired.com fold after two years, departing San Francisco for the Big Apple and a gig at the Wall Street Journal. The Journal’s gain is our loss, but at least I’ll be able to see my friend more often.

Priya’s written about tech during an exciting period for gadgets, and while her pedigree from Columbia’s journalism school helped, it is her undergrad degree in electronic engineering that makes her geek girl street cred incontestable. Her final story for Wired.com (assuming she doesn’t do something stupid like lifting a single finger on her final day today) is customarily timely: the apparent impending release of the Nexus Two.

I could go on about Priya but fortunately Gadget Lab editor and soon-to-be-former Priya-boss Dylan Tweney already has — in an internal memo, which was obtained by Epicenter.

Today is Priya’s last day at Wired.

In the two-plus years she’s been here, Priya has done a little bit of everything the Gadget Lab had to offer. She’s written about would-be cyborgs who want to implant video cameras in their eyes, home-brewed CPUs made out of wire and transistors, robots, cocktail machines, e-readers, CPUs, GPUs, wireless tech, a whole bunch of smartphones, and the emerging (and now dominating) Android world. She’s covered CES — twice — and numerous press conferences. She’s done it all with speed, professionalism, good humor and a good eye for what makes a Wired story “Wired.”

And now she’s going on to the WSJ, where she’ll help invent the mobile future she’s been writing about here.

Media watcher Sam Whitmore takes note of Priya’s departure in an alert he sent out today. It’s a nice note, though I wish it had said more about what great reporting she’s done here at Wired.

We’ll miss you, Priya!


Priya was not immediately available to Wired.com for an interview, but she told Whitmore for aforementioned note that she couldn’t wait to meet some of her new News Corp. co-workers:

“They told me I’ll probably be riding the elevator from time to time with Glenn Beck or Ann Coulter,” said Priya. “Considering I’m coming from San Francisco, that should be interesting.”

_I’ll_ make it interesting: The Welcome Wagon martinis are on me.

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