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Mumia Abu-Jamal – Media is the Mirage…

Posted on August 27, 2010 by rockingjude

I have posted and written on twitter about this whole phenomenon…The media was purchased [back then the main 25] a long time ago…more info later…


A long awaited update, or new video.
This is one of my favorite commentaries of him.
I personally typed it off his book “All Things Censored” it was written in the early 90′s so maybe you won’t know the allusions he makes.

American mass media is a marvel of technology. It is whiz-bang, sparkle, glitter, and satellite wizardry. It is a master plan of methods to communicate, and a paupers worth of substance. With such technology, how are people so woefully misinformed? The average American neither knows nor cares about the vast world beyond the nations border. The average American student knows little math, no history, and very little geography, and nor does he or she want to know. Americans have computers in school, dozens of TV stations, and the most aggressive news media on earth. Does that mean theyre better informed?
On November 2, 1995, the United Nations General Assembly voted overwhelmingly—117 to 3—to condemn the United States for its continuing blockade of Cuba.* The international community called the United States blockade a flagrant act of aggression and a blatant violation of international law. That the UN vote was reported at all in American media is amazing, for such news is more often than not passed over entirely by the American press; but where was information about the blockade itself, the effects suffered by the Cuban people, in-depth comments form the United Nations delegates and leaders around the world? For a more substantive report, on had to listen to the BBC World News Service, for the rest of the world takes note of events the U.S. prefers to ignore.
American media is a business, and it has a mission; not to inform Americans, but to entertain them. Every media enterprise in America reports the drivel that Marcia Clarke and Chris Darden are secret love birds, but the vote of a global assembly condemning the U.S. actions received only scant coverage at best.
The media is a source of titillation more than information. The mission of the media is to please, to comfort, and primarily to sell. When TV was developed, it was promised that every American would learn about the world in his living room. When computers were developed, wasnt it said that they would be invaluable learning tools and that children would learn more, faster? Nation scholastic tests show otherwise, as kids master computers as toys, and learn splendid hand to eye coordination, but little else.
The media paints false pictures of the nation and the world, pictures designed to serve corporate masters and to make America look good. This feel-good media approach serves the American delusion of white supremacy but it does not inform. When the New York Times echoes Star magazine, what can the world media mean?
How could millions people be surprised at Minister Farrakhans enormous influence among blacks unless the media wasnt doing its job? How could they look at a million and count less than half that number?
The major media, like its racist projections, is to be rejected, not consumed. For your very patronage gives it life.
From death row, this is Mumia Abu-Jamal.


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