Uninsured Americans Make Little Progress in Getting Health Coverage – DailyFinance

Only rich people can afford insurance, while the rest of us go without. Even worse, the elderly who pay $96 a month from their check for Part A, and Part B, make a daily choice as to whether they are to take a pill or eat cat food. And the Republicans will cut the guts out of the health care bill but, keep in mind Congress has the best health care in the country, and they pay nothing! Yes, these are the Republicans you voted for today who don’t give a whack about your health as long as their big money friends, and campaign contributors get what they want, even the International ones! They don’t work for you, people, they work for the lobbyists, don’t you know that? You are not going to get squat from them. Another eight years of Bush policies ahead of us, blame this crappy economy on them, they started two wars, and lied through their teeth. Hope you’re happy with your votes.



Author: Chilleh Penguin

A frisky penguin.

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