The Powers That Beat: Missile Mystery or Another Epic Failure in US Intelligence

Missile Mystery or Another Epic Failure in US Intelligence

With the CIA funding google wifi [aka wispy] and google providing free wifi across India it kinda makes you wonder. The Pentagon can’t even figure out what the fuck they launched off the coast of California and they actually expect us to believe it was a jet or an optical illusion? These continuous false flags keeps the sheep happy in la la land and we somehow tolerate pouring billions of dollars into “defense” when the majority of Americans are barely getting by. And despite this epic embarrassment we will no doubt look the other way when Obama follows in Bush’s footsteps continuing to spend more and more money on “intelligence” and expanding the “Patriot Act”    This will no doubt result in the further erosion of our civil liberties and Americans will gladly give up a little privacy for the illusion of safety. all the money  invested in “security” defense and “intelligence” the pentagon actually expects us to believe that the “mystery missile”  #GTFO  kinda makes the pentagon look like ignorant dumbasses… oh wait, that’s right. they are! #yeahisaidit and if i just offended you then you are either too ignorant or stupid to see the whole picture!…


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