Crash JP MORGAN: BUY SILVER… | via @rockingjude TIME TO FIGHT BACK #G20 #GATA #CFTC #pwa


Posted on November 12, 2010 by rockingjude

PlanetEarthAwakens01 | November 11, 2010

YES WE CAN kill JP Morgan and end it’s scourge upon humanity, all we need to do is work together and get as many people as possible to buy 1 ounce of silver. This will bring the silver CTF scheme to it’s knees, when people realise there is only 100th of the silver in existence compared to the underlying physical there will be hell to pay. If we’re lucky we may see banker blood running in the streets.

Fingers crossed!

Help Awaken Youtube!

Pick an enlightening video such as Alex Jones’ “Food: The Ultimate Secret Exposed”, favourite it, go to another random video and copy 25 names from the comments section. Copy those names into the “To” section when composing a message and separate them with commas. Give a short description of the video and attach it to the message. Then send.

Please retweet. We can do this. #MOVE


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