#garymckinnon | #TweetsStorm’s in support of Gary Mckinnon #FreeGary TODAY!!! LET’S DO IT!

#Tweetstorm and #Gilda35 – Uniting for a #freegary on Nov20th

The next #tweetstorm4gary is gearing up to be a huge one and I hope the Home Office, Nick Clegg and David Cameron are taking note! There is palpable anger amongst Gary Mckinnon Supporters who await to hear the Politicians say … Continue reading

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#Freegary Power – The Home Office have finally asked for Your opinion on the Extradition Act 2003 , (which was sneaked into Law by Tony Blair’s administration )- Please make use of it!

  #Tweetstormers – YOU DID THIS !  We at #Tweetstorm4gary are astonished ,yet delighted that the Home-Office and the Coalition has finally brought all the backroom talks and whispers in the Halls of Power to an end. In a surprise … Continue reading

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Not a Tweeter yet? ‘Email’ the Home Office instead.

It takes just 20 seconds to do. Gary has been waitingfor 8 years for his Government to get their asses in gear – so it would be 20 seconds well spent. Simply click here and you will be taken to … Continue reading

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These people had Their say – @ukhomeoffice #tweetstorm4gary

IQXS: Why ARE we still watiing 4 #justice 4 #GaryMcKinnon, @ukhomeoffice? Hm? Any particular reason? http://youtu.be/1tER_2xmVlU #TweetStorm4Gary Nov 5, 2010 05:03 PM GMT · via web · Reply · View Tweet manatrue: @Earth_News Have YOU ? – yes YOU ! … Continue reading

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The Boy Who Played with UFOs (via Gilda35)

This is an amazing post – Thanks to Jovanz74 ! I think the Home Office really need to read this! By Jovanz74, translation by Asphodelia. 8 years ago I learnt from the media of Technocore the shocking story of Gary McInnon … Continue reading

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A million thanks to everyone ! YOU are the #tweetstorm ….

I want to say thanks on behalf of everyone here behind the scenes – to everyone who tweeted , commented , retweeted and Shared during todays maiden #Tweetstorm4gary. YOU are the Storm! You are AMAZING. Although the official number is … Continue reading

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Todays site stats – Amazing !! #Tweetstormers – Thank you all.

  Site Stats ‹ #TweetsStorm’s in support of Gary Mckinnon — WordPress http://tweetstorm4gary.wordpress.com/wp-admin/index.php?page=stats Screen clipping taken: 11/4/2010, 4:58 PM Share this and helpus to #FREEGARY: Email Digg Facebook StumbleUpon Reddit

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An interview with @janissharp by @beezan

J A N I S  S H A R P ‘ I’ve never hated anyone but I hate the prosecutors and their vindictiveness, their lack of compassion … ‘ Janis Sharp is the mother of ‘infamous’ computer hacker, Gary McKinnon, … Continue reading

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Wear a #twibbon for the #Tweetstorm4gary

 There are now an amazing 4,107 people with a #Freegary twibbon – please go and get yours for the #tweetstorm4gary . Created by an amazing guy – Edz Johnson – you can follow him here – http://twitter.com/edzJohnson    TweetStorm4gary – Profile … Continue reading

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November 4th 2010- A #Tweetstorm4Gary Guest Post by @cyberduke23

 The following Guest post is by http://twitter.com/cyberduke23  / Richard – Thanks – it has been published unedited . Why It’s Important To #Tweetstorm4Gary For #GaryMcKinnon November 5TH This is important. Our libery is at stake. We cannot give up our … Continue reading

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