Why did Hitler close the Vienna House of Rothschild? | via @FIRETOWN

Could it be for the same reason that his birthplace was destroyed?

Not everything in the article below has been completely verified, but some of the claims from it check out to be true:

Until closed down by Hitler, the Vienna Rothschild House never hesitated to influence affairs in other countries; when Kamal Ataturk, the Turkish dictator, was about to execute for treason the ex-Finance Minister, a crypto-Jew called Djavid Bey, “a number of great financial concerns, including the banking houses of the Rothschilds in Vienna and London, had tried to persuade the English and French Governments and the leading newspapers in both countries to use all their influence to make a personal appeal for Djavid,” (V, p. 276). Observe the words “persuade” and “personal,” and guess what form the persuasion took in the case of both Newspapers and Governments! The persuasion was such that the French Government sent the Grand Orient Freemason Sarraut to Angora to do the “personal” pleading with Kamal. This Sarraut is Minister for the Interior in the French War Cabinet of 1940!

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