Evidence of stolen funds dissapear along with the witness… #USA #eALERT

Evidence of stolen funds dissapear along with the witness… #USA

Please note that I am copying a third party with this e-mail.

1. Social Security must be advised immediately that they have
(a) The amount on the check is significantly less than the amount stated in the letter I received less than one month ago

(b) My former representative payee misreported my income on his last statement
(c) In addition to misreporting my income, he checked the wrong box so he never told them that I am longer working and do not receive any either income

This is important for several reasons because my re-certification for food stamps and TennCare (Medicaid) is tomorrow and DHS uses the income reported to Social Security to determine my eligibility status. There is somewhat of d domino effect since my Section payment was also changed effective 8/1/2008 based on this information, and as you are aware, my former case manager never mailed in any of the documents requested last March.

I have taken care of the subrogation claim, however, that does not minimize my level of frustration because I am DROWNING in paperwork. I have contacted several agencies to provide assistance, however I do not have the resources necessary to provide them with timely response. There is a very limited time allowed to request reconsideration or ff file an appeal.
I have done everything humanly possible to clean up the slack, however ant this point, I feel I have no other choice than to file a formal complaint so that my entire case is reviewed. The number of mistakes is so overwhelming that I simply do not have enough time to documents each and every one with the respective agency.

I also want to be clear that every time I have to call Social Security or DHS, it only compounds my cost of living expenses (40 cents per minute on the telephone — a bill which is not even considered to be a justifiable expense) Most agencies do not include self-addressed stamped envelopes, and I can not afford the postage required to mail out all of the requested documentation (e.g., utility bills, medical bills, pay stubs, etc.)
Fortunately, a number of agencies will take online complaints. Unfortunately, my internet was interrupted for non-payment for several weeks and there is no funding resource or community agency that provides subsidized Internet access or free printer ink.

Transportation costs are ridiculous so going to the library is not an option. Neither is returning to work right now, since it would cost too much to get to the interview or provide official (expensive) copies of my graduate school transcripts that were oh, such a good investment!
Set aside, I am not the most user friendly person right about now, so I have found it difficult to put on a happy face so I can work at McDonald’s which pays more than Metro anyway.

The subrogation claim has been resolved but I just learned that my breast biopsy was not [pre-authorized and I was told by my INSURANCE CSR (the person who answers the phone) that I should not have the surgery that has already been scheduled at the Women’s hospital for 8/21/2008 since they did not authorize the biopsy last month, and have not received a request prior authorization for the surgery that has already been scheduled for next week…
This was a lovely 54 minute conversation because he would not mail me copies of my EOBs or confirm that what, if any, requests have been submitted for payment since my last inquiry and change of address. He finally told me that to call the state (Tennessee) which I have already done several times, and they told me to call Social Security but it was already past business hours and I am not authorized to make changes to my file anyway.

I will try to be more specific later without going into too much detail, but unfortunately, that level of detail is required to file the necessary appeals. Ironic, huh? This apartment is like my own little cage, and I am just pathetic enough to run around in circles, hoping to find the much like a hamster wheel, rodent chasing in circles hoping to found my way out my way out before I run out air. If only I had finished my damn PhD, I would do my own case study or reality show on how far we will go to have nothing at all…
And even though my life is a living hell, I have almost learned how to enjoy the sheer irony of it all… for someone with OCD and post-traumatic stress, this is truly a ridiculous little experiment.

I will be in touch when I can. Unfortunately, each agency has different deadlines, and it takes a lot of energy and time to scan in, copy, or respond to each inquiry in writing, so I find myself running out of time since I cannot seem to get anything done unless I just do nothing at all.
I am becoming increasingly inspired to just burn every last document I own, throw away my keys and my cell phone and take Spotty some place where we can live off the land and ignore the fact that society has me chained to a computer screen that screen that does provide the basic necessities I need to live in this .

I have come this far, and I am becoming rather skilled and at expressing myself without needing an audience or the obsessive need to check every fact, throw, and typo for capitalization and perfection.
So for now I write. Maybe later, I will read, but if there is any justice left in this world, someday, I might actually live.

Good-bye for now. I need a break.

With love,
Your little sis.

Elyssa Durant, Ed.M.
Nashville, Tennessee
Reply to: elyssa.durant@columbia.edu

“You may not care how much I know, but you don’t know how much I care.”

—- On Mon, 8/11/08, Lauren Durant laurendurant@durantlaw.com wrote:

From: Lauren Durant laurendurant@durantlaw.com

Subject: s.s. check – attached

To: ed70@columbia.edu

Date: Monday, August 11, 2008, 5:05 PM



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