The Powers That Beat: Social Security Fraud: Abuse of Process or Abuse of Power?

Social Security Fraud: Abuse of Process or Abuse of Power?

Offering the American people and popultations at risk a false sense of security is unfair and unjust. I would rather have nothingat all than false expectations and disappointment in a social “security” system that has repeatedly failed society’s most vulnerable populations.

The bottom line is this, we can pass laws, we can file injunctive orders of relief, waivers for this and for that or pass symbolic legislation to spew a false sense of hope… but if the pattern of “reform” mimics that of recent state efforts, the implementation of the new healthcare program is going to be a freaking disaster!

Public programs that fall short if their promise to assist those in crisis. Unless we demand accountability from state and federal agencies (1) demanding a timely response; (2) create and external entity to do an independent audit to ensure compliance, (3) enforce those laws through whatever means necessary; we have no recourse. Welcome to my world……


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