Israeli Army uses Facebook to tail women draft dodgers

Israeli Army uses Facebook to tail women draft dodgers

Written by Nick Farrell

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So far caught a 1000 of them

More than 1000 Israeli women who have ducked military service by pretending to be religious have been caught out through their Facebook accounts.

The Israeli military has managed to track down hundreds of women who lied about being religiously observant as a way of dodging the draft. Military service is compulsory for Israelis over the age of 18, with men
serving three years and women two years. But women who sign a declaration saying they eat only kosher food and do not work on the sabbath, are exempt.

An army spokesman said that one woman was caught out after she posted a photograph in which she is seen eating in a non-kosher restaurant, while others were caught wearing revealing clothing, he said. Others were caught out by accepting invitations to parties on a Friday night. These were sent out by private investigators paid to sniff out the fakers.

“If you see someone updating their account on shabbat, it tells you she is using a computer, and probably talking on the phone and watching TV, which is also forbidden,” he said.


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