Occult Symbols in Corporate Logos (pt. 1) | The Vigilant Citizen

    Occult Symbols in Corporate Logos (pt. 1)


    During the 20th century, urban environments got taken over by corporate logos. Studies have reported that an average person is exposed to about a thousand logos a day. Few people however ponder on the symbolic meaning of these marketing tools and their occult origins. This article analyzes the esoteric origin of some well known corporate logos.

    Logo overkill

    Think about where you encounter logos on an average day: they are on household items, on cars, on clothes, in tv ads, on billboards, on insignas, all over sporting events and even on this very page (sorry). Logos are one of the results of extensive studies (funded by the Rockefeller’s  “Chicago School”) in cognitive sciences, neuropsychology and biology. Those studies constitute the core of  ”marketing”, a heavily funded field which keeps its findings totally secret from the general public. Why are the findings secret? Well, if you knew why marketing worked on you, you wouldn’t fall for it anymore.

    The huge visibility of corporate logos is also an opportunity for the elite to showcase their beliefs and their power. The same way occult symbols are inserted on buildings and sites (see the Sinister Sites section for examples), they are hidden in plain view on corporate logos.  We will now explore the origins and meanings of the symbols used in logos. This article will focus on the Winged Sun-disk and the Vesica Piscis.

    The Winged Sun-Disk


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