Apple and Twitter in Ping deal – Telegraph

Apple and Twitter in Ping deal

Users of Apple’s music social network, Ping, will be able to share song purchases and previews through Twitter.

Twitter and Apple have signed an integration deal to publish Ping activity in users’ Twitter stream 

Apple has reached an agreement with Twitter that will allow users of the iTunes Ping music site to share samples and details of the songs they love through the microblogging service.

Ping, which launched in September as part of an iTunes update, has proved only a modest success, with some users criticising its limited functionality and lack of integration with existing social networking sites.

Apple had been in talks with Facebook in the run-up to Ping’s launch to secure a deal between the two services, but discussions broke down at the eleventh hour.

But Twitter and Apple have now reached an integration deal that will see Ping activity – including song previews and links to purchase and download music from the iTunes store – appearing in tweets.

“On Ping, you can easily link to your Twitter account to instantly find Ping users among the people you already follow on Twitter,” said the microblogging service in a blog post.

“Once you’ve linked the accounts, whenever you Post, Like, Review, or tell your friends why you purchased a song or album on Ping, this activity will also be tweeted to your Twitter followers – complete with playable song previews and links to purchase and download music from iTunes.”

Twitter said that song previews would only available through the browser at It is not yet clear whether Twitter users will be able to preview Ping suggestions through third-party desktop and mobile clients, such as Seesmic or TweetDeck.

The integration is also only one-way at this stage; Twitter users are currently unable to plug their Twitter feed in to Ping.…


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