Censored news: #Wikileaks #CIA military psychology :

Censored news: Wikileaks CIA military psychology

August 9, 2010 by Alex  
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Human Rights Examiner
Deborah Dupre’

Recent information from The Intel Hub that further exposes Wikileaks as a CIA front is dismissed as unacceptable by many, including some well-educated professionals in the caring field. Seasoned investigators stand behind tell-tale signs that Wikileaks is conducting a major, well-orchestrated psychological operation to distract the public from even worse human rights abuses such as the Gulf genocide and crime against humanity plus to gain military support for more wars.

Two psychologists emailed the author after reading her article, Wikileaks Cointelpro Wizard of Oz or ‘Whistleblower’? They called it “conspiracy theory mongering.”

Another reader commented on Facebook where the article link was provided, “Are the leaks true? If so, who cares how they came to be exposed, or what the whistleblower’s possible connections are?

“The world has a right to know about human rights crimes. This right supersedes any government’s secrecy or ‘national security’ objections.”

Others say, “Who cares? The end result is what matters and now the public knows the war crimes committed in Afghanistan.”

Others, however, say that the CIA/military psychological operation on the people is what matters, the right of people to think. Article of the Declaration of Human Rights states:

The Universal Declaration of Human Righs, Article 18 states: “Everyone has the right to freedom of thought…” Does Wikileaks’ actions violate the right o think through a psychological operation (PSYOP) including Disinformation to control minds and therefore behaviors of the people?

Read Entire Article – This is very important information!


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