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Whistle Blowing Wiki Site Mysteriously Unresponsive

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WikiLeaks, a controversial site that just published a previously unknown and revealing operating manual for the U.S. government’s detention center in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, is missing in action on the net.

It’s servers are not responding, but its DNS entries are up-to-date – meaning it does not look as if the site was taken down by the authorities.

The site, which aims to be the Wikipedia of leaked government and corporate documents, was flaky on Tuesday and Wednesday as well, but this outage seems to be total. Not even the mail server is responding.

It’s not clear whether this is simply a server meltdown or if there are other circumstances — such as a government seizure of the group’s computers. However much I love a good conspiracy, I’m guessing the former, rather the latter, given that the Guantanamo document (a 284 page.pdf document mirrored here) was not classified.

I’ll continue to monitor this, but if readers see the site reappear, please let me know in the comments.

UPDATE 11/16: Wikileaks has returned with all docs in place. Likely a server or software error on their side, but for a site dedicated to openness, they sure seem not to communicate with users.

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