Who Is The Target? Anonymous?

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Educrap From an Educrat: Elyssa Durant’s “Harangue” 📚

Fan Mail for ELyssa D’Educrat 📰 EDUCRAP FROM AN EDUCRAT After reading Elyssa Durant’s antf-standardized testing harangue in the Nashville City Paper (“Equity in Education,” Aug. 21), I was not at all surprised to learn that the author is a product of a graduate-level education program. Schools of education have long taught future teacher – […]


Tipping the Balance


The Bank Holiday was quiet, really quiet. Hubby had to work and Teen Boy was at his boarding school, so I had Teen Girl asleep half of the day and the small people playing nicely almost all day.

Yes, I did say that – almost all day. I know, miracle, right? There was a wobble when I *persuaded* them to play outside for half an hour and B protested, loudly, but it happened. And then it all went a bit pear-shaped in the evening, but basically it was a good day.

Last night however. Urgh. Poor M was visited by the Anxiety Fairy, repeatedly. Which meant I kept getting woken up too, to reassure her that her tummy pains were most likely because she was anxious about school after a three day weekend, and not because she was likely to be sick. It’s not easy being awake enough at 3…

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Medieval Letter-People

The human body is one of the most common objects encountered in art, whether in paintings, sculptures or other objects. Things have not changed much since medieval times, when artists loved to fill their work with human figures – commonly saints or individuals affiliated with biblical stories. Among the great diversity of depictions, there is one type that […]