Top Down Policy Failure in Public Education 

Top Down Policy Failure in Public Education – Elyssa D. Durant, Ed.M.Top Down Policy Failure in Public Education Elyssa D. Durant, Ed.M. Tue February 9th, 2010 MNPS does not have the answers, nor does our newly elected Mayor who recently launched an aggressive media campaign to recruit new teachers willing to work within the constraints our over-regulated, under-funded public schools. This article glossed over the magnitude […]

Educrap From an Educrat: Elyssa Durant’s “Harangue” 📚

Fan Mail for ELyssa D’Educrat 📰 EDUCRAP FROM AN EDUCRAT After reading Elyssa Durant’s antf-standardized testing harangue in the Nashville City Paper (“Equity in Education,” Aug. 21), I was not at all surprised to learn that the author is a product of a graduate-level education program. Schools of education have long taught future teacher – […]

CyberHarassment A Pattern of Behavior

Powers That Beat

CyberHarassment, A Pattern Of Behavior
Antonio Lopez, the American adult impersonating UK teenager Kree Love, has a long history on the Internet of Cyberharassment against numerous people associated with Anonymous. Many who have had some contact with him and who are serious social activists, hackers, gamers, or just innocent people that inadvertently trigger what appear to be paranoid delusions have become his victims.

Antonio aka Kree thinks nothing of lying to all of his associates about the people he wants to target in order to get them worked up into a frothing rage and jump into the front lines for him. He also thinks nothing of targeting people in his social circle. Friendship appears to mean very little to him.

It looks like Jamie McKinley taught him quite a sound lesson and as a result he’s afraid to be on the front lines even with back up. Unfortunately, this hasn’t…

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